Questioning King James only using Alexa

The author of some Bible study tips we have been going over as a family suggest the KJV was divinely produced. We ask Alexa for some perspective.

Questioning King James only using Alexa

As a family we have been going through a lesson of tips on how to study the Bible. It has been very good but I have noticed that the author is a King James only version proponent and believes that God somehow inspired the King James translators to preserve God's words in the English language.

It seems as though this idea that God preserved the Bible in English is a narrow cultural view. Now this doesn't prove that the KJV-only doctrine is wrong but does give me some suspicion. From personal experience I actually think the KJV is most accurate to the original language and have found glaring mistranslations in most other versions that are obviously biased to a certain theological viewpoint.
However, if God chose to preserve his word in one language would it not useful to the vast majority of the world.

As we discussed this this morning was asked Alexa some questions.

ME: Alexa, what is the current world population?
ALEXA: According to the US census bureau the world population today is approximately 7.65 billion people.

ME: Alexa, how many people natively speak English?
ALEXA: 508 million people are the speakers of English.

ME: Alexa, how many people natively speak Spanish?
ALEXA: 559 million people are the speakers of Spanish.

ME: Alexa, how many people speak Manderin?
ALEXA: 955 million people are the speakers of Manderin Chinese

So the United States and english are just one of many cultures and languages in a very big world. There are many who think God favors America (read The Light and the Glory) and some who just can't see beyond their small world. Maybe God did divinely inspire those translators hundreds of years ago knowing that english would somehow be the predominate language of the world. Well, it hasn't happened yet even though is seems like it to some. From where I sit english speakers are 6.64% of the world, a small piece of the population.

Okay kids. There are two lessons here.

#1 – The world is a big place, realize this and expand your perspective.
#2 – The Bible is important, learn about it and how to study it so you can learn about our God, our world, and ourselves.