Family: Our first success

If you are successful in every way and forget your family you have failed

Family: Our first success

Men have an innate desire and need  for accomplishment. We were built to build -- to overcome. And our  families need us to be successful in this area. Kids need a Dad who  takes pride in his work. Wives need a husband who has self-respect, is a  leader to his peers and has goals bigger than himself.

But if you are successful in all of these things and forget your family you have failed.

If you are leader in your community and industry but don't play Legos with you 6 year old (and often) -- you have failed.

If you are serving your customers well and create loads of wealth but  you wife doesn't have a smile on her face (everyday) -- you have  failed.

We can do both. We can be successful at both. We need to be successful at both.